Department of Information Technology

WCNES and Computer Networks III Paper and Projects presentations, May 28, 2013

Open for other students and teachers.

Program - 28 May

Paper presentations

Location: Pol_2446

Time Paper Presenter Opposition team
1000-1030 Routing Holes in Energy Aware Wireless Sensor Networks Shahbaz Abdul Khader, Prerna Agrawal David Skoglund, Naser Awan
1030-1100 Key Generation and Key Management in Internet of Things David Skoglund, Naser Awan Shahbaz Abdul Khader, Prerna Agrawal

Project demonstrations

Location: Pol_2446

Time Project Presenters
1115-1200 Easy to configure WSN-based smart homes using RFID/NFC Mårten Blomberg, Andreas Hammar, Lihua Liu, Nicklas Nilsson, John Reuterswärd, Simon Young
1315-1400 WSN-based object and people tracking Gerald Baguma, Georgios Fotopoulos, Evangelos Kaloudiotis, Sukhpreet Singh Kalra, Christoffer Klarin
1415-1500 Measuring and visualizing indoor climate efficiency using WSN technology Yuanqing Luo, Shihai Shi, Lei Wang, Shiyu Zhou, Yucheng Zhou, Xu Jie
1515-1600 Measuring network topology for a WSN network for testing and simulation Per Ackermann Boström, Xiaoyuan Chu, Hao Li, Andreas Moregård Haubenwaller, Staffan Rodgren, Nantu Wang,
1615-1700 Name of project Omar Mohamed Ali Mudhir, Aleksander Okonski

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