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Projects involves reading related work, programming, instrumentation and measurements of wireless and mobile devices. Typically a prototype is developed or an existing application is evaluated in an experimental way. The projects involve reading a given set of related papers that must be referred to during the demo presentation. All members collaborate to solve the overall task but the related papers can be distributed among the group members.

Projects are carried out in groups of 3-5 students.

Project selection

You need to team up with your fellow students for a project. There are two options for selecting a project. The first is to pick one from the following list or to suggest your own project. For the listed projects we will apply the first-come-first-served principle.

List of proposed projects

Status project selection April 2

1 Easy to configure WSN-based smart homes using RFID/NFC
2 WSN-based object and people tracking
3 Location-triggered data collection
Will not run
4 Measuring and visualizing indoor climate efficiency using WSN technology
5 Measuring network topology for a WSN network for testing and simulation
6 Experimental study of clock drift in an outdoor WSN
Will not run
7 Semantic interference in sensor networks
Will not run
8 Experimental study of battery lifetime in WSN
Will not run

In addition, we are looking for additional team members on the topic:

"Scanning wireless spectrum to see what / who is around and what data is freely given to us"

Your project selection must be submitted as an email to no later than 12:00 on March 27:th. Include in the email:

  • Name of the project.
  • Contact person with email address.
  • Name of team members and email addresses.
  • Optionally - alternative projects (ranked) - if your selection is already booked.

If you propose your own project you also need to include:

  • Brief description of what the project is about (possibly including the subject of the theoretical study)
  • Brief description of the approach
  • How the different subtasks will be divided among team members
  • How the project will be presented at the end of the course (e.g. demo)
  • Hardware and software requirements

All proposed projects should be limited to one of the following areas:

The supervisor team will review your selection/proposals and give you feedback on the selection and proposed projects no later than April 2.

I do not have a team

In some circumstances you cannot comprise a team but know what project you want to do. Then write us an email with your selection and preferably alternative projects and we will try to match your interests against other students.

Due to limited resources in terms of lab space, hardware and supervisors, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to do the project they have ranked the highest. We will, however, do our best to meet everyone's preferences.


  • March 21 - Projects introduction lecture
  • March 27 at 12:00 - Deadline for project proposals, both your own as well as from the list
  • April 2 - Feedback on your own project proposals from the supervisor team
  • April 4 at 12:00 - Deadline for revised project proposal

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