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Department of Information Technology

Computer Networks TF HT2003 (1TT821, 1TT825)

and Computer Systems II (part 1: computer networks) IT (1IT070)

The results from the re-exam have been sent to all participants who answered questions. They will not be posted on the web.

Welcome to this course! On this page you can find general information.


Björn Victor, email, room 1139, phone 471 3169

Lab assistant

Richard Gold, email, room 1453, phone 471 2332.


Computer Networking: a Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross, second edition, ISBN 0-201-97699-4, Addison-Wesley 2002 (or first edition, ISBN 0-201-47711-4).
Reference: Design and Validation of Computer Protocols by Gerard Holzmann, chapters 1 and 2, available online.
Extra material: Peer-to-Peer lecture slides by Richard Gold. Now also in PDF format!

Course start

Tuesday, August 26 at 10.15 in room 2005, Ångström.


Written exam, laborations. Bonus points given for hand-in assignments.

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