Department of Information Technology

Distributed Information System 2010

Lecturer: Edith Ngai
Tutors: Fredrik Bjurefors

Course e-mail [1].


20110116: Please be reminded to attend the lecture for the Runestone project on Jan 18th (Tuesday) at 13.15 in Å2002.
20110101: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!
20101222: Homeworks can now be picked up from the shelf on floor 3, house 1, Polacksbacken. Note: it says "Dist info systems VT-09" on the back. The exam has been marked and is processed through the anonymous exam system.
20101126: The second homework is now available. Homework 2
20101125: The lab and both Homeworks should be handed in at Postbox 50, floor 4, house 1, Polacksbacken.
20101125: The link to the companion web site mentioned in question 4 in HW1.
20101110: The first homework is now available. Homework 1

Introduction to distributed information system principles and practice

The course combines theory and practical applications on design and implementation of distributed information systems.

The theory part of the course consists of a series of lectures, assignments, presentations and a mid-term exam.
Laboratory exercises and project comprise the practical part.

Assessment and Examination

The theory section of the course is assessed through a written examination (80%), two written assignments (20%) and an in-class presentation.
For the two short written assignments, you can submit it to the course collection box.

The practical section is assessed based on the laboratory in period 2 and the Runestone project in period 3.

To pass the course, you need to satisfy the following criteria:
(1) Pass the theorectical part:

  • Obtain >60% in the theorectical part
  • You can get bonus points to your exam from your lab and presentation.
    • If you get over 70%, e.g. 85 marks, in the lab, the extra points will be normalized and transferred to your exam, e.g. bonus = (85-70)/30*10 = 5 points.
    • If you perform well in your presentation, you will get maximum 5 points to your examination.

(2) Pass the practical part:

  • Obtain > 60% in your lab.
  • Complete and pass the Runestone project in period 3

You get the following grades according to your final overall mark:

Activity Grading Scale
Examination U, 3, 4, 5
Laboratory U, G

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