Department of Information Technology


The course includes one laboratory exercise, in which you will apply the knowledge you have obtained in the course to analyze computer network traffic.

Grading, Help & Questions

Grading is performed during the lab session. This means that you will have to finish the lab during the allotted time.
Frederik Hermans will manage the lab.

Genie Lab Environment

The laboratory exercise is based on the Genie lab environment. Genie is a Linux system that runs off a bootable CD and is compatible with most PC computers. The system is pre-configured with everything you need to do the laboratory exercises.

The Lab Excercise

You will complete the "Snoop lab" exercise. Instructions can be found here: PDF

You have to work in groups of two (2) students. This is a requirement, and we will not accept hand-ins from individuals (1 person) or larger groups.

Make sure to read the instructions in advance of the lab session, so you can make good use of your time during the session.

Scheduled hours:

Day Time Location
Mon, Dec 3 13:15-17:00 Pol_1312D

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