Department of Information Technology


The presentation time will be around 15 minutes in class.
Dates: Nov 16 (Fri) 10:15-12:00, Dec 5 (Wed) 13:15-15:00

Please form groups of two students and sign up as soon as possible.
You should email your slides to the teacher one day before your presentation.

Note that any suggested book chapters are for reference only. You are allowed to present any topics within the selected area, and you are not limited to the textbooks.

Nov 16 (Fri)

  • The history of the Internet (Kurose 1.7) - Linda Virkkala, Caroline Lönn (slides)
  • Socket Programming with UDP and TCP (Kurose 2.7, 2.8) - Christoffer Brodd-Reijer, Zaruhi Aslanyan (slides)
  • IPv4 vs IPv6 - Emil Ljungberg, Richard Edström (slides)
  • Broadcast and multicast routing (Kurose 4.7) - Theodora Malmström, Per Wester (slides)
  • Principles of congestion control (Kurose 3.6) - Olga Hörding, Johan Bartelmess (cancelled)
  • Routing on the Internet (Kurose 1.7) - Matilda Johnsson, Anna Liss (cancelled)
  • Multiple Access Protocols (Kurose 5.3) - Gustav Åberg, Olof Vestling (cancelled)
  • Link layer services and addressing (Kurose 5.1, 5.4)

Dec 5 (Wed)

  • Channel Capacity - Isolde Snellman, Oscar Elkan (slides)
  • Peer-to-peer systems (Coulouris 10) - Daniel Bratel, Erik Wikström (slides)
  • Case studies on network security (Coulouris 11.6) - Elisabeth Westerlund, Ylva Hägg sylvén
  • Name Services (Coulouris 13) - Hanna Boman, Clara Curman (slides)
  • Mobile and ubiquitous computing (Coulouris 19) - Hanna Blomquist, Anna Abrahamsson (slides)
  • Cloud Computing - Malin Edlert, Klara Hagström (slides)
  • Ethernet (Kurose 5.5) - Johanna Haglund, Lisa Fåhraeus (slides)

Please contact for further project details or suggestions.

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