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Project examination

E-commerce and Security - 1DL018

Spring 2009

Project - development of an e-commerce web site



The students will be divided into project groups of about 4 people. Each group must select a project manager (does not have to be tha same through the complete course).

The goal of this project assignment is to give a taste of how to develop real-world applications as a group and how to use standard technology such as servlets, JDBC, HTML etc. For each task some research is required in order to solve it. There will often be some hint in each task description to get going and it is essential that all project members understand that much is left to the project group to solve. Important to note is that this project assignment description is in no way complete. Many important topics will be handled at the project lectures. Therefore, at least one member of each group attending these lectures.

It is recommended that all members of a project group are assigned an area of responsibility. For example, in this project there should be at least one or two persons responsible for the database you will have to use. One person should be responsible for the user interface design of the web application. Of course, there is a project manager responsible for getting it all done. The project group will have to work together on all areas to succeed and all member should be involved in all aspects of the web application.

Again, this project assignment is designed to give a first hint of real world application development. This requires a lot of independent work.


Since a goal of this course is to let each student experience the process of creating a web application, it is important to simulate the conditions in a real-world project as much as possible. The conditions are as follows:


Project Web Page???

All project groups must have their own web page containing contact information of all members in the group. Also this page should include the weekly progress reports, a link to your e-commerce application and anything else the group feels is important for documenting their approach, such as links to other web applications that are used as inspiration etc. This page must be kept alive and updated throughout the course since it will be used to monitor the group's progress.

Web application

Each project group shall implement some type of e-commerce web application. You can choose from, but are not limited to, the following list:

We encourage you to come up with your own original ideas.

The application should handle the following features:

At this stage you should have a rudimentary understanding of PHP scripts, how to code and deploy them under Apache. You should be able to use the MySQL database with its PHP/JDBC interface and you should have decided on the kind of web application you want to set up. With all this in place it is time to implement the required functionality of the web application of your choice.

Technical requirements


The project must be appropriately documented. This means that you should create a proper and nice looking report containing at least:

The report should be a PDF or PS.

Project Examination

All activities will form the basis for examination including assignments, student presentations and project activities such as group performance, project work, project presentations, documentation, technical qualities and business plan. The final project will be examined in the project presentation and demo at the end of the course and in the group evaluation and project deployment that finishes the course.

Project Presentation

Each group will be required to present their project in the midterm evaluation and on the final "Project Presentations" lecture.
The presentation must include the business plan as well as design-issues, implementation, functionality and any other relevant information. Try to make a presentation that sells your project as a reasonable business idea.
A short demo of the website is expected in the presentation, however keep it short.
Each group has 45 minutes in total which in reality after all technical issues have been solved is closer to 40 minutes worth or presentation time.

All members of the group must attend.

Business Plan

The business plan should at least contain:

Remember that important purposes of the presentation is to convince your contractor/investor that your idea hold and is worth investing in.

Technical Examination

Each group will be required to sit down with the teachers and give a 15-20 min technical demonstration of their project.
During this demonstration the project group will have to answer questions about design, functionality and security. Even though no security is required to be implemented, as a separate task all students should try to identify different security flaws in the design of their particular web application.

To this examination each group is expected to bring (or provide a link to) a ZIP-file containing the complete project including the documentation, project presentation from earlier, and the complete project source (the entire Apache dir preferably), in short everything concerning the project.

The plan is also that the project should be deployed under the departments Web site/Apache server and under a group account provided by the course assistant. More detailed instructions will be provided later.

All members of the group must attend this examination, and all members will be required to answer questions concerning the project.

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