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Finite Element Methods

Finite Element Methods


During the course there will be three voluntarily assignments. Submit within deadline and I will correct them and give feedback.
  • A1: A Posteriori error estimates and adaptivity (pdf) (deadline 23/11)
  • A2: The wave equation (pdf) (deadline 9/12)
  • A3: Adaptivity in 2D (pdf) (deadline 22/12)
Update 101125: As with the laborations, for a fully electronic submission, you simply mail me a single file in the portable document format (pdf).

Update 101116: In order to provide a clear and positive motivation for doing the assignments I will make an effort in incorporating this material in the final exam!

Guidelines for submission of Assignments
  • The first page of the report should state clearly:
    • Names (and email addresses) of all students in the group (a group may consist of no more than two students) with signatures
    • Title
    • Date of Submission
  • You are encouraged to submit a report even if you have only partially completed the work. Incomplete solutions may still be good enough.
  • I do accept handwritten reports. In order to get good feedback, make an effort in writing readable.
It is expected that you discuss your work before it is submitted, but write your own solution and get personal feedback!