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Finite Element Methods

Finite Element Methods


During the course there will be three mandatory laborations.
  • Lab 1: Finite element method in 1D (pdf) (deadline 23/11)
  • Lab 2: Finite element method in 2D (pdf) (deadline 9/12)
  • Lab 3: Comsol multiphysics (pdf) (deadline 22/12)
Submit within the deadline; I will then have time to give you good feedback. The final deadline for all three laborations is 22/12.

Guidelines for submission of Laborations
  • The first page of the report should state clearly:
    • Names (and email addresses) of all students in the group (a group may consist of no more than two students) with signatures
    • Title
    • Date of Submission
  • Each report should contain a section with theory, a section with implementation details, and a concluding section with results and discussions. The report should be preceded by a short summary and the code should be attached by the end. Since the code is an essential part of the laboration, it should be as readable as the report. Hence a typical report structure could look something like
    • Summary
    • Setup and some theory
    • Comments on the code
    • Sample results
    • Concluding discussion
    • Attached code
    That is just one possibility, there are many others! Given the scope of a laboration, a report might typically consist of something like 1--3, or maybe up to 5 pages (code excluded).
  • I do not accept handwritten reports.
  • Update 101110: For a fully electronic submission, you are requested to mail me a single file in the portable document format (pdf).
It is expected that you discuss your work before it is submitted, but copying is cheating and is unacceptable.