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Finite Element Methods


During the course there will be three mandatory assignments. Submit within deadline and I will correct them and give useful feedback. Late submits will be corrected at the earliest convenience. Note that, for really late submits you are referred to next year's version of the course. The final deadline for all three laborations is 21/12.

  • A1: A Posteriori error estimates and adaptivity (pdf) (deadline 26/11)
  • A3: Adaptivity in 2D (pdf) (deadline 7/12)
  • A2: The wave equation (pdf)(deadline 21/12)
Update 121126: I have changed the order of the last two assignments as I believe it more closely fits with the labs. In case you already started or if you feel that the original order of the two assignments was better, it is OK to submit according to the original plan!

Guidelines for submission of Laborations
  • The first page of the report should state clearly:
    • Names (and email addresses) of all students in the group (a group may consist of no more than two students)
    • Title
    • Date of Submission
  • Each report should be preceded by a brief summary of what you did. For each conclusion you present you should provide the required theory, (when appropriate) implementation details, and your results. Make an effort in discussing and reflecting upon the results. If you wrote any code to solve some problems, the code should be attached by the end of the report. Since the code is an essential part, it should be as readable as the report. A typical report structure could look something like
    • Summary
    • Problem 1: some theory and results
    • Problem 2: ...
    • Problem 3: setup, comments on the code, and results
    • Problem 4: ...
    • ...
    • Concluding discussion
    • Attached code
    That is just one possibility, there are many others! Given the scope of the assignment, a report might typically consist of something like 1--3, or maybe up to 5 pages (code excluded).
  • To save the environment I welcome fully electronic submissions. I request that you mail me a single file in the portable document format (pdf). The code should thus be included in the pdf.
  • I do not accept handwritten reports.

Update 121204: The overall guideline is that the report should be meaningful in itself. In particular: define your problem, your variables, and your setting. Ensure that the report can be understood in its own context. Do not assume that the reader is looking at the assignment instructions while reading.

It is expected that you discuss your work before it is submitted, but copying is cheating and is unacceptable.