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Finite Element Methods


Schedule HT 2012

For a less detailed version, see here. In case of differences, that version is official and takes precedence over this one.

Chapter references below refer to the course book (MGL).

The links below to solved exercises provide suggested solutions to an old version of the book and are provided here for reference. If time permits and when appropriate, new solutions will be made available.

Date Place Time Class Topics
30/10P224513-15 Lecture 1 Introduction, Chap. 1 pp. 1--8
31/10P114610-12 Lecture 2 Chap. 1 pp. 9--20
1/11P224408-10 Exercise 1 Chap. 1 problems
5/11P224415-17 Lecture 3 Chap. 2 pp. 25--33
6/11P224513-15 Lecture 4 Chap. 2 pp. 33--44
8/11P611110-12 Exercise 2 Chap. 2 problems
9/11P2315D10-12 Lab 1 Finite element method in 1D
13/11P224513-15 Lecture 5 Chap. 3 pp. 47--61
14/11P221508-10 Lecture 6 Chap. 3 pp. 61--70
15/11P224513-15 Exercise 3 Chap. 3 problems
19/11P221413-15 Lecture 7 Chap. 4 pp. 73--79
22/11P224410-12 Lecture 8 Chap. 4 pp. 79--110
23/11P214510-12 Exercise 4,
Mid-course evaluation
Chap. 4 problems
26/11P2315D08-10 Lab 2 Finite element method in 2D
27/11P224513-15 Lecture 9 Chap. 5 pp. 115--124
29/11P221408-10 Lecture 10 Chap. 5 pp. 124--143
30/11P224510-12 Exercise 5 Chap. 5 problems, extra problems with solutions
External Lecture: Martin Nilsson, COMSOL AB
4/12P221413-15 Lecture 11 Chapter 4+5 repetition
5/12P224508-10 Lecture 12 Exam problems
7/12P2315D10-12 Lab 3 Comsol Multiphysics
11/12P221413-15 Exercise 6 Repetition
14/12    Exam