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Finite Element Methods II





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Finite Element Methods II

Finite Element Methods II


Stefan Engblom
Room: 2422
Phone: 018-4712754
E-mail: stefan.engblom@it.uu.se

Daniel Elfverson
Room: 2448
Phone: 018-4712980
E-mail: daniel.elfverson@it.uu.se

Latest news
  • The exam and a beta-version of the solutions can now be downloaded here and here.
  • Lecture #5: Diagnostics #3.
  • The slides from Martin Berggrens guest lecture can be downloaded here.
  • Guest lecture: The title "Fictitious Domain Methods and Topology Optimization" and abstract for Martin Berggrens guest lecture are now available.
  • Lecture #2: Diagnostics #2.
  • Lecture #1: Diagnostics #1.
  • The first lecture is in room P2345, March 25th, 10.00--12.00. Welcome!
  • IMPORTANT: If you register for the course but decides to discontinue taking it, be sure to report this fact to the Student Office it-kansli@it.uu.se. The registration can be removed if you do this within 3 weeks from start.

  • Course PM
    Is available here.

    Language of Instruction

    The course consists of 7 lectures, 4 exercise classes, and 5 laborations. The project counts as 2.0 hp, while the written exam makes up for the remaining 3.0 hp.

  • Larson, M.G., Bengzon, F.: The Finite Element Method: Theory, Implementation, and Practice. ("MGL")
  • Can be bought here and downloaded online here if you are on the Uppsala University net.
    We will follow MGL closely.