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Department of Information Technology

Welcome to the distance course in functional programming, 2008.

The course starts Friday the 7th of November, 13.15, lecture room 1311.

More information will be added to this page.


Either of the following textbooks is suitable:

  • Michael R. Hansen and Hans Rischel: Introduction to Programming using SML. Addison-Wesley, 1999
  • Lawrence C. Paulson: ML for the Working Programmer, second edition. Cambridge University Press, 1996
  • Jeffrey D. Ullman: Elements of ML Programming, second edition. Prentice Hall, 1997


The theory is taught in English in 5 Friday sessions of 2 two-hour-lectures each (13:15-17:00) in room 1311 or 1211.

Slides and readings.

Program examples

Programs. Programs presented in lectures.

Mailing list

Mailing list.
This list will only be used for important messages regarding the course. Everyone who follows the course should join.


Links. Links to SMLnj and Emacs.


Forum. A forum for students and teachers.


The course page of this course, last year.


You can reach me on on email:

Sven-Olof Nyström

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