Functional Programming I

Uppsala University, Sweden

Labs and Assignments

I will supervise 5 labs of 2 hours in Unix lab 1515 or 1549D in building 1 of MIC.

The initial lab aims at familiarisation with the SML/NJ language and programming environment. The last 4 labs each aim at personal support while completing and improving solutions to one of the mandatory 4 assignments.

Attendance at the labs is highly recommended. Also, without significant, constant practice and feedback, it is provably very hard to prepare properly for any exam.


All programs, with optional test data, should be submitted in one file and submitted by the deadline. Your file must compile and execute when submitted to the Standard ML of New Jersey implementation, version 110.59 (or 110.0.7), installed on the university Unix network.

Submitting solutions

Here are the rules about submitting solutions to the assignments: