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Department of Information Technology

Introduction to computer games development, 5p

The Crew

Please, use the following e-mail address instead of our individual addresses for purposes of this course:


  • [2005-08-25] The result page is now available, for both the project and the lab. Results [Local access only]
  • [2005-08-15] Final examinations of projects will begin as of Tuesday 16/8 at 13:00, an email has been sent to all students. Make sure to book a time with the assistants. Available times.
  • [2005-07-06] The CVS repositories are up and emails have been sent to all Project Managers with user names and passwords. The Diary Client user names have been emailed as well.
  • [2005-06-28] Book your LAB-examination time, take a look at the Lab page. There will be 2 drop-in session on Wednesday and Friday in 1312, between 13:00 and 15:00. More information can be found on the Lab page.
  • [2005-06-21] The Starbreeze lecture will be held on Friday 1/7, 10:15 in room 1211.
  • [2005-06-21] The Starbreeze lecture will be replaced by the Street Media 7 lecture on Wednesday 22nd due to illness. The Starbreeze lecture will be postponed until 29/6 or 1/7. More information later. The Thursday (23/6) lecture is thus canceled.
  • [2005-06-21] Slides for lecture 4 and 5 made printer-friendly (more white)
  • [2005-06-20] On Wednesday the first Guest lecture will be held as well as the Project lecture!
  • [2005-06-20] Project Updated!
  • [2005-06-17] Schedule change! Collision Detection lecture moved to 10:00 on Monday 20th. The Keyboard Control lecture has been moved from Wednesday 22nd to Monday 20th 13-15.
  • [2005-06-14] Schedule change! The lecture on Wednesday 15th, 13-15, has been canceled.
  • [2005-06-13] Schedule change! Project Lecture will be held after the Starbreeze guest lecture on Wednesday 22nd. This lecture is mandatory
  • [2005-06-13] PC-LAB room 1313 has been booked Tuesdays and Thursdays (09:00-17:00), weeks 24-26, for your coding pleasure.

Guest Lectures

There will be a number of guest lectures from the gaming industry, as well as from SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science) and Olle Gällmo (DoCS, IT). Attending the guest lectures is compulsary (it's a matter of respect).


  • One lab assignment, and one game development project. No written exam.
  • The project and lab assignment will be on the 'pass or fail' basis.
  • Students only doing the project and lab will only be able to achieve a G grade for the course.
  • Students who want to aim for a VG grade will have to do extra individual work: VG Page.


Week Day Room Time Topic/Lecture Lecturer
24 Monday 13/6 1211 10.15-11.00 Intro Justin or Jim
1211 11.15-12.00 L1 : Java Frédéric
1211 13.15-15.00 L1 : Java Frédéric
Wednesday 15/6 2347 10.15-12.00 L2 : 2D graphics Jim
Friday 17/6 1211 10.15-12.00 L3 : Threads Justin
1211 13.15-15.00 L3 : Threads Justin
25 Monday 20/6 1211 10.15-12.00 L4 : Collision detection, physics Mayank
1211 13.15-15.00 L5 : Keyboard control Mayank
Wednesday 22/6 1211 13.15-15.00 L6 : Guest lecture, mandatory Street Media 7
1211 15.15-17.00 L7 : Project Lecture, mandatory Jim
26 Monday 27/6 1211 10.15-12.00 L8 : Guest lecture, mandatory SICS - Annika
1211 13.15-15.00 L9 : Guest lecture, mandatory Ongame
Wednesday 29/6 1311 10.15-12.00 L10: Guest lecture, mandatory Artificiell Intelligens
Friday 1/7 1211 10.15-12.00 L11: Guest lecture, mandatory Starbreeze

Course Materials

  • Lecture 4, Collision detection and physics:
  • Lecture 5, Keyboard and mouse control:

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