Department of Information Technology

There is a timetable on webpage:

Please can one person from each group confirm that whole group will be
attending. Please in you mail subject line say something like
Games X, Group Y will be attending on Monday.

For games I. The presentations should take about 20 minutes. The plan
is as follows:-

1) Introduce yourselfs, say who did what.
2) Demo the game. Describe the idea behind the game.
3) Talk about any major problems that you hit.
4) Say what you would of done differently.

(The presentations for Games II have the same format except it should
take a bit longer 30min in total).

You can give the presentation in Swedish if you want. It would be nice
if you made some power-point/keynote/slitex/beamer/or whatever slides
but that is not essential to giving a good presentation.

It would make my life easier if every group brought a laptop with the
game running. Please email me if this is going to be a problem and
I'll try and arrange something.

The default mark for the course is a 3. Instructions will follow about
how to increase this mark.

Please note that everybody from the group should attend on Monday. If
you can not attend you have to see me otherwise you will not get
credit for the course.

It would be nice if you can hang around and see the other games (but
it is not compulsory).


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