Department of Information Technology

Tools: Instructions and Resources

CVS and TortoiseCVS

  • Accessing your repository
    • set CVSROOT to, you will be asked to enter password.
    • or set CVSROOT to (not recommended)
    • The module you want to checkout is named game


  • Ant from apache: ANT main page
  • ANT tutorials can be found here: Tutorial 1, more...
  • You can also find a lot more information on google.
  • A simple example with HelloWorld and a build file
  • A simple ant jar example, with java code that loads an image from within a jarfile and shows it in a window

Other tools

  • A simple yet powerful paint program called Paint.NET (freeware).
    • It will be available in the PC-LAB.
    • If you would like to download it you can find it here: Paint.NET
  • Inkscape, a free vector graphics editor.
  • GIMP, a free graphics manipulation software
  • Artweaver, simple freeware for creative painting
  • Netbeans, a free IDE for Java (installed in PC-labs)
  • Eclipse, a free IDE for java.

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