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Department of Information Technology

Wastewater treatment

1TV361 (3 credits) and 1RT400 (5 credits)

Autumn 2004


Bengt Carlsson (Examiner, lectures)
Linda Brus (Lab and project superv.)
Mats Ekman (Lab and project superv.)

Course literature:

Introduktion till Avloppstekniken (in Swedish, Kommunförbundet),
Compendium in Wastewater treatment (Department of Systems and Control, UU).


To give fundamental knowledge on methods for wastewater treatment.


Automatic control, Simulation and system analysis, Mark II.


Wastewater treatment - historical background. Municipal and industrial wastewater. Control and operation of wastewater treatment plant. Environmental issues. Microbiological processes. An overview of methods for wastewater treatment. Sedimentation and sludge treatment. Modelling, design and optimization of the activated sludge process. Automatic control of wastewater treatment plants. Computer controlled systems and processing of measurement data.


Written examination at the end of the course. Passed laboratory course and compulsory assignments are also required.

Project files to download:

Project files

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