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Human-Computer Interaction

Course Information

Course code: 1md016
Start: March 25th 2013

This page contains practical and administrative information about the course.

The Course

This course is completely Internet based, which means no physical meetings. You participate by following the course on the website. An active participation is required from you by continuous presentations of assignments. This course is best fitted for you that can not attend to physical lectures at the university. The teaching is based on self studies of literature with support by teaching lectures on the course web. Supervising is made on the web and by e-mail. When this is an international course, the main language is English. All assignments are to be written in English. Individual conversation with teachers or other students is okay in Swedish.


This is a net course so all communication is handled by internet. Also, always take a look at the student portal at the bulletin board "Important messages" so you don't miss anything that we want to inform you about. And there is a forum in the student portal for FAQ where you might find the answer to your question.


If you have not applied for the course and wish to take it, please contact our student counsellor, Aletta Nylén. When accepted to the course you are to register yourself on the student portal. If you don't have an account on the portal (provided by UpUnet-S) you can log in with your civic registration number and the reply code provided to you at the end of your notification of admission as password. If you have any trouble with registering to the course, please contact our departments Student Office ("IT-kansliet") by e-mail ( or phone (+46(0)18 - 471 76 04).

International students should contact their coordinator/contact person.

More about registration

Contact - Teachers

Please primarily use e-mail when contacting teachers. We are trying to answer as fast as possible, but in worst case it might take a few days.

Course responsible

Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos
Phone: +46(0)18-471 68 94

Course assistants

Ryoko Asai
E-mail: [1]

Magnus Larsson
Email: [2]

Main Textbook

The main literature for the course is Benyon, D. (2010). Designing interactive systems: A Comprehensive Guide to HCI and Ineraction Design. ISBN: 978-0-321-43533-0. Or Benyon, D., Turner, P. and Turner, S. (2005). Designing interactive systems: People, activities, contexts, technologies. ISBN: 0-321-11629-1.

It is possible to use other basic HCI-books like Human-Computer Interaction by Dix et al. (2004), Human-Computer Interaction by Jenny Preece or Designing the User Interface by Ben Schneiderman.


The examination will consist of two moments:

  • Project task (assignments) (2hp)
  • Theoretical assignment (3hp)

Knowledge Entrance Requirements

Basic knowledge in managing e-mail and constructing web pages is required. Some basic knowledge in programming is desirable but not necessary.

Technical prerequisites

You need a normally equipped computer with an Internet connection to follow the course. The web browser must be quite up to date and handle stylesheets and javascript.You will need a PDF-printer.


To attend the course you need an e-mail address. If you don't have one you can apply for one at UpUnet.

Note that some mail providers send out spam mails and the provider might be blocked by our mailserver. Known problematic e-mail providers are and If you cannot email us, call us!

It is very important that you inform us if you change your e-mail address during the course.

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