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Theoretical highlight 9: Systems Development - User-Centered Systems Development, User Interfaces and Prototypes

The purpose of this theoretical highlight is to describe the basics of user-centered systems design (UCSD), including both theoretical and practical aspects. Certain parts of the user-centered development project will be covered in more detail, for instance, how prototypes can be used in the development process.

bengts.gif Bengt Sandblad

The lecture covers

  • Different types of systems development models
  • The waterfall model versus experimental/iterative development
  • User-centered systems development
  • The role of the user in the development project
  • Commercial development models
  • Prototyping

The above items are described in this pdf file

The Preece textbook (and the optional textbook by Gulliksen & Göransson (in Swedish)) provide comprehensive summaries of these issues. Please note that the slides presented in the PDF above are just a short summary of the chapters in Preece's textbook. In order to get a complete picture you should read the literature and visit the links listed below.

Required reading

Optional reading

Links Commercial development models

  • Agile modelling provides an alternative approach to systems development. eXtreme Programming is probably the most well-known agile process.

About use cases (a central element in, for instance, RUP):


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