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Master programme, introduction

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Important information

  • The master programmes start with a complusory meeting August 17, at 13.15 in 1311 (in building 1, room 311). See maps and travel directions.
  • Be on time! If not, you risk to loose your seat.
  • Bring your passport and a copy of your letter of acceptance to the name call.


Purpose: To offer an overview of the studies, their content and social situation as well as the computer systems used.

Examiner: Anders Berglund

Value: 1 credit

Content: See the programme. All timings are exact (on the second Smiling smiley), unless otherwise stated.

Assessment: Compulsory presence during the full programme. Presence will be checked during the full week. Compulsory lab assignment.

Literature: Will be handed out or sold during the lectures.

Course code: 1TD780

Questions can be directed to: Anders Berglund

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