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Compiler Techniques DV1/MN1

Welcome to the course in Compiler Techniques, DV1/MN1, autumn 2006.

Click on the links in the meny to the left for specific information. Make a habit of checking this page from time to time: this is a live page where information about scheduling changes and other relevant news are published. News are listed in reverse chronological order: most recent news are listed first:

2007-02-06: The exam 2007-01-15 has been graded. The results are here. The exams will be available at the IT department students office from Wednesday 2007-02-07.

2006-11-15: The exam 2006-10-23 has been graded. The results are here. The exams will be available at the IT department students office from Thursday 2006-11-16.

2006-10-13: Notes for lecture 14 are now online.

2006-10-13: Reading instructions for the course books (Appel's and the 1986 edition Red Dragon Book) are now available in the Exam page.

2006-10-12: Notes for lecture 13 are now online.

2006-10-10: The Exam page has been updated with a link to an older exam written in English.

2006-10-10: Added link to the SPIM simulator,

2006-10-10: There is now a zip file of all test programs in the test suite.

2006-10-09: Notes for fifth tutorial are available.

2006-10-09: Today is the last day to register for the written exam.

2006-10-06: Notes for lecture 12 are now online.

2006-10-02: New deadlines for assignments 4 and 5.

2006-10-01: Notes for fourth tutorial are available.

2006-09-25: Notes for third tutorial are available.

2006-09-22: Notes for lecture 8 are now online.

2006-09-21: Preliminary lecture notes for lecture 7 are now online.

2006-09-18: Notes for second tutorial are available.

2006-09-15: Lecture notes for lecture 6 are now online.

2006-09-14: Lecture notes for lecture 5 are now online.

2006-09-12b: Notes and examples for first tutorial are available.

2006-09-12: Deadlines for assignments now set.

2006-09-08: Lecture notes for lecture 4 are now online.

2006-09-07: Lecture notes for lecture 3 are now online.

2006-09-06: The general, lectures, links, and old courses subpages have been updated and translated.

2006-09-01: The assignments page is now online. The information is up to date, except for the deadlines.

2006-09-01: The course homepage for Autumn 2006 is now online. This is a copy of last year's homepage, and most information pages need updates and translation. Stay tuned.