Department of Information Technology

Medical Informatics

Computer science and information technology contribute to better health care

The course will provide a basis for applying computers and information technology in medicine and health care. We will explain concepts and terms and describe some of the important applications of modern technology in health care. We will focus on what is important to consider in order to provide efficiency, usability and safety in such systems.The course will cover: medical documentation, patient records, image analysis and processing, modelling and simulation, knowledge representation, decision support systems, user interfaces in health care, telemedicine, mobile systems, laws and regulations. Today IT systems are important tools for work in the health care sector. The design of such systems must be adapted to the special needs of the health care professionals.
Many areas of health care do not have efficient technical support systems today. We will discuss why, and how modern technology better can contribute to improved quality and efficiency in care activities.In an assignment you will study and analyze an IT-system in practical use.During site visits you will see and learn more about how modern technology is used in health care. You will learn what is important to know and consider when technical systems are introduced in a health care environment. You will see examples of computer systems used in health care.

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