Model Based Development of Embedded Systems HT 13

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Overal Goals

To acquire skills in modeling embedded systems, and to use models to describe, specify, analyze, verify systems, and derive implementations. Different aspects of embedded systems require different forms of models.


The course will preliminarily cover the following topics.


(The below schedule is copied from the
IT depts Schedule.
Week DateTimePlaceWhat
36 Mon2/908-101113Motivation, Course Overview
Tue3/908-101112Modeling in Simulink
Wed4/910-121212Modeling and controller generation in Simulink
37 Mon9/908-101112NOTE: Cancelled
Tue10/910-121112Assignmeng / Lab1 tutorial/follow-up
Fri13/913-156143Assignment / Lab1 follow-up, plus maybe inverted pendulum. NOTE room (behind Rullan)
38 Mon16/908-101112Start of LEGO NXT construction. Handing out kits
Tue17/908-101112LEGO NXT construction
Thu19/910-121112Finalizing the LEGO NXT modeling
39 Mon23/908-101112Going through the NXT model
Wed25/910-121112Controller generation for NXT
40 Mon30/908-101112Hybrid Systems
Tue1/1010-121112Hybrid Systems
Fri4/108-101112Homework or problem solving
41 Mon7/1008-101113Timing in Simulink Models
Tue8/1010-121113Specification and Verification of Models
Tue8/1013-15officesWe are Available for discussion in our offices (Bengt and Paul)
Thu10/1008-101112Modeling Communication
42 Wed16/1010-121112model of a simple protocol
Mon18/1008-17TBDNo Final exam
3 Tue14/108-17TBDFinal Reexam
Slides of lectures in some order (note that there is not a 1-1 correspondence between set of slides, and 2-hr lecture)

Additional Lecture Material

Teaching staff


The following are part of examination
The overall grade will (roughly equally) combine these three parts.

Homework Assignments

Note: If you have done your homework in electronic form, it is sufficient to hand it in by e-mail.