Model Based Development of Embedded Systems HT 14

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Overal Goals

Model Based Development uses models todescribe the specifications, operation and performance of a system. Simulation, verification, and testing can be performed directly on executable models. Implementation can be automated by code generation directly from the model. The student will acquire skills in modeling embedded systems, and to use models for Simulation, verification, and testing, to derive implementations. Throughout the course, Simulink (and Stateflow) will be used as the modeling language, so the students will acquire mastery of Matlab/Simulink.


The following topics are central.


(The below schedule is copied from the
IT depts Schedule. s
Week DateTimePlaceWhat
35 Mon28/813-151113Motivation, Course Overview
Thu31/810-122245MATLAB exercises
Fri1/910-121112Modeling in Simulink
36 Tue5/913-151245Modeling Simulink (ctd.)
Wed6/910-121145Simulink internals
Thu7/908-101113Simulink Exercises
37 Mon11/908-101113State Machines
Wed13/915-171112Modeling physical movement, bodies, etc.
Fri15/910-121245Control theory (overview of basic concepts)
38 Wed20/913-151145LQ controller design with Observers using Simulink: preparatory reading, slides .pdf, .pptx and some exercises
Thu21/915-171112Guest Lecture on Modelica by prof. Peter Fritzson Linköping Univ. Before the lecture, please install Modelica on your laptops, and bring laptops to the lecture
Fri22/910-121146Handing out LEGO NXTs and assembling them
39 Tue26/913-151146Model of NXT Robot. model and initialization for collision avoidance for airplanes.
Wed27/915-171113LAB: Carrying out Assignment 3
Thu28/910-122345Topic as needed
40 Mon2/1010-121145Model of NXT Robot. model and initialization for collision avoidance for airplanes.
Wed4/1015-171113LAB: Carrying out Assignment 3
Thu5/1010-121146Topic as needed
41 Mon9/1015-171113Lustre: slides and examples
Tue10/1010-121145Project work
Thu12/1013-151113Lustre: slides and examples
42 Mon16/1015-171113Project Work
Fri17/1008-17TBDFinal exam Note change of date
?? TBDTBD08-17Final Reexam

Lecture Material

Slides of lectures in some order (note that there is not a 1-1 correspondence between set of slides, and 2-hr lecture)

Additional Resources

Here are some links to relevant resources: Courses, lectures that cover similar and related topics (the list will be extended)

Models in Matlab and Simulink

Teaching staff


The following are part of examination
The overall grade will (roughly equally) combine these three parts.

Homework Assignments