Model Based Development of Embedded Systems HT 17

Overal Goals

Model Based Development uses models todescribe the specifications, operation and performance of a system. Simulation, verification, and testing can be performed directly on executable models. Implementation can be automated by code generation directly from the model. The student will acquire skills in modeling embedded systems, and to use models for Simulation, verification, and testing, to derive implementations. Throughout the course, Simulink (and Stateflow) will be used as the modeling language, so the students will acquire mastery of Matlab/Simulink.


The following topics are central.


(The below schedule is copied from the
IT depts Schedule. s
Week DateTimePlaceWhatMaterial
35 Mon28/813-151113Motivation, Overviewintro-adm.pdf, overview-mbd.pdf, matlab1.pdf
Thu31/810-122245Introduction to Simulinksl_gs.pdf, simulink-tex1.pdf , simulink-exercises-1.pdf
Fri1/910-121112System Modeling in Simulinksimulink-tex2.pdf
36 Tue5/915-171311Simulink semantics and simulatorSection 3 of Simulink User Guide, simulink-tex3.pdf
Wed6/910-121145State machinesGetting Started with StateFlow, stateflow1.pdf, D Harel: Statecharts: A visual formalism for complex systems Science of computer programming, 1987
37 Mon11/908-101113State machines: animation and GUI, modeling idiomsgraphics.pdf, various models
Wed13/915-171112Hybrid systems
38 Wed20/913-151145S-functionscodegen1.pdf, Developing S-Functions, section 1, pp. 3.1 - 3.10, pp 4.1 - 4.32
Fri22/910-121146Generating Embedded Codecodegen2.pdf, Emb. Coder UG, pp. 34.1 - 34.9, read the models and documents in SP
39 Tue26/913-151146Basics of Feedback control
Thu28/910-122345Handout of Project
Fri29/913-151213Control: state-space methods
40 Mon2/1010-121145Verification for Simulink/Stateflow models
Thu5/1010-121146Exercises on Controlcontrol-exercises-1.pdf
41 Mon9/1015-171113LUSTRE (Philipp Rümmer)lustre1.pdf
Tue10/1010-121145Other modeling formalisms; Modelica
42 Mon16/1015-171113Lustre (ctd.)slides-expanded.pdf
Tue17/1010-121145Unplanned: questions, anything
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