Model Based Development of Embedded Systems VT 11

NEW: description of the oral exam.

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The course has a overall goals


The course will preliminarily cover the following topics. The course will use Matlab and Simulink.


(The below schedule is copied from the
IT depts Schedule.
Week DateTimePlaceWhat
3 Tue18/110-121112Motivation, Course Overview
Wed19/110-121112Modeling in Matlab/Simulink
4 Tue25/110-121112CANCELLED
Wed26/110-121112Modeling Control in Simulink
5 Tue1/210-121112StateFlow
Wed2/210-121112Hybrid Automata
6 Tue8/210-121112CheckMate
7 Tue15/210-121112Verification for Hybrid Automata. Preparation: Download and install Checkmate and go through a demo, like e.g., ph
Wed16/210-121112CheckMate lab
Thu17/214-151113CheckMate lab(ctd)
9 Mon28/208-101112Cancelled
10 Tue8/308-101112Modeling OS and networks, True Time
11 ----note: no lectures this week
12 Thu24/313-15--CANCELLED (will be moved to later)
Fri25/313-151112Modeling OS and networks, True Time
13 Wed30/310-121112True Time
14 Mon4/410-121112True Time
Mon4/413-172315DLab: TrueTime
Tue5/410-121112Lab: trueTime f. Networks
Wed6/410-121112Project start
15 Tue12/410-121112TBD
Fri14/310-121313Dlab (HW3-4)
18 Thu5/410-121311Guest lecture by Jakob Engblom, Wind River
21 Fri27/5TBDTBDFinal exam
Office Hours: as you like, room 1435 and TBD

Lecture Material

Here are slides in some order (note that there is not a 1-1 correspondence between set of slides, and 2-hr lecture)

Models in Matlab and Simulink

Teaching staff


The following are part of examination
The overall grade will (roughly equally) combine these three parts.

Homework Assignments

Note: If you have done your homework in electronic form, it is sufficient to hand it in by e-mail.

Course Material

The following material could be useful (more will be added)
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