Model Based Development of Embedded Systems VT 12

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Overal Goals

To acquire skills in modeling embedded systems, and to use models to describe, specify, analyze, verify systems, and derive implementations. Different aspects of embedded systems require different forms of models.


The course will preliminarily cover the following topics.


(The below schedule is copied from the
IT depts Schedule.
Week DateTimePlaceWhat
3 Mon16/110-121146Motivation, Course Overview
Tue17/113-151146Continuous systems State-space form, transfer functions
Thu19/113-151345Start of Project
4 Mon23/115-171345Project meeting
Tue24/113-151146Modeling of controlled, continuous systems
Thu26/113-151345Project meeting
5 Mon30/115-171406Project meeting
Tue31/113-151345Project meeting
Thu2/213-151146Modeling of controlled, continuous systems
6 Mon6/215-171345Project meeting
Tue7/213-151146Modeling of controlled, continuous systems
Thu9/213-151345Project meeting
7 Mon13/215-171345Project meeting
Tue14/213-151146Modeling of controlled, continuous systems
Thu16/213-151345Project meeting
8 Mon20/215-171345Project meeting
Thu23/213-151345Project meeting
9 Mon27/215-171345Project meeting
Tue28/213-151146Modeling of controlled, continuous systems
12 Mon19/310-121146Specification and test case generation
Tue20/313-151146Verification and testing
13 Mon26/310-121146Influence of Scheduling and Networking
16 Thu19/413-151345ARMAX modeling of MikroKopter
22 Mon28/5TBDTBDFinal exam
Office Hours: as you like, room 1435 and TBD

Lecture Material

The material for the lectures on flight modeling is improvised. Here are just some sources for different topics:

Teaching staff


The following are part of examination
The overall grade will (roughly equally) combine these three parts.

Homework Assignments

Course Material

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