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OS Distance (1DT700) vt2006


2006-06-21 All submitted lab solutions have now been graded. If you have to fix something you have gotten an email. If you have passed on all of them you also have gotten an email notification. If you haven't heard anything that means that I haven't gotten one or more of your solutions.
2006-05-30 There STILL was a bug in the third lab package. A fixed has been uploaded.
2006-05-26 There was a bug in the third lab package. It has now been fixed. See the lab page for details.
2006-05-22 The links to the third lab package should now work. Note the new deadline.
2006-04-26 The links to the second lab package should now work.
2006-02-22 The links to the first lab package should now work.
2006-02-22 The wiki-version of the course homepage is online.



Justin Pearson, Room 1441, Ph#: +46 (0)18 4717292,


Magnus Johansson, Room 1442, Ph#: +46 (0)18 4716225,

Literature and reading directions

The course text book is Operating Systems Concetps, Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne. A useful link is here.

Please note that some of the slides I use might be modified slightly from the online ones.

Day Date Time Location Topics
1 3/2 10:15-12 1245 What is an OS? Chapter 1, Computer-System Structures Chapter 2. slides1.pdf Slides1.ppt Slides2.pdf Slides2.ppt
1 3/2 13:15-15:00 1245 Processes slides3.pdf Slides3.ppt
1 3/2 13:15-17:00 1245 Threads Slides4.pdf Slides4.ppt
2 3/3 10:15-12 1245 CPU Schedules
2 3/3 13:15-15 1245 Process Synchronisation
2 3/3 15-17 1245 Deadlocks
3 28/4 9:15-12 1245 Memory Allocation
3 28/4 13-17 1245 Virtual Memory
4 19/5 9:15-17 1245 File Systems and I/O

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