Department of Information Technology

Operating systems VT2006 (1DT632/1TT802)

  • This Friday 10-12, you have a new chance to listen to interesting oral presentations in operating systems and about Linux viruses - see programme here.
  • Original round of PMs are now available here.
  • Results now include all labs.

Welcome to this course, which will be given in English (unless only Swedish-speaking students participate). 0471694665.jpg

Lab assistant

Magnus Johansson, email, room 1442, phone 471 6225.


Operating System Concepts by Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne, 7th edition.
Extra material: slides, web etc
Please get the book and read chapter 1 as soon as you can!

Course start

Wednesday March 22, 10:15 in MIC 1245 (MIC building 1, floor 2, room 1245).
Please turn up for the first lecture!


Continuous examination, not one big final exam.

Student portal page: Operating systems, 4p, Operating systems, 5p

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