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Department of Information Technology

Operating Systems and Compilers

(1IT050 /1EI031)

Short Description

Operating systems come in different flavors: Unix, MacOS, Windows etc. While looking all different, they actually share many characteristics. The main functions are to implement abtractions like processes (threads), virtual memory (segments), i/o streams, and files for the benefit to the user (programmer). Other functions are there for security and resource allocation.

Compilers implement high-level programming languages. Again, while looking very different (imperative, functional, oo), their translation to machine (or assembly) language usually follows the same pattern: scanning, parsing, semantic analysis, and code generation (all combined with error control).

This class aims at presenting the key concepts in a rather general framework.


This class is level AB


Program design, Algebra,Computer Architecture, and Information Technology courses.



John Håkansson is responsible for the laborations and is responsible for the course
Frédéric Haziza gives most lectures


Written exam at the end of the course. No books will be allowed.

The course is over. See the results and the evaluation by the students.

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