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Department of Information Technology

Operating Systems and Compilers

Course code

Datorsystem I (1IT050), Operativsystem och kompilatorer (1EI031)

Short Description

Operating systems come in different flavors: Unix, MacOS, Windows etc. While looking all different, they actually share many characteristics. The main functions are to implement abtractions like processes (threads), virtual memory (segments), i/o streams, and files for the benefit to the user (programmer). Other functions are there for security and resource allocation.

Compilers implement high-level programming languages. Again, while looking very different (imperative, functional, oo), their translation to machine (or assembly) language usually follows the same pattern: scanning, parsing, semantic analysis, and code generation (all combined with error control).

This class aims at presenting the key concepts in a rather general framework.


This class is level AB


Program design, Algebra, Computer Architecture and Information Technology courses.



Frédéric Haziza : Main lecturer and responsible for the course
John Håkansson: Responsible for the laborations


Written exam at the end of the course. No books will be allowed.

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