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Department of Information Technology


Assignments are done by students individually.
Several students handing in the same assignment solution will be considered as cheating, and reported accordingly.
Each assignment solution will be corrected by us, and given a grade between 0 points and 20 points.
To pass the course, it is necessary to achieve at least 12 points in at least 4 of the 6 assignments.

Assignment No. Topic / Material Deadline Solution
Assignment 1 Basic C and Free RT OS Jan 30th 2013 Solution
Assignment 2, a2.c Scheduling Feb 8th 2013 Solution
Assignments 3 and 4 Interrupts, Memory management, Arithmetic Feb 22nd 2013 extended 01/03
Assignments 5 Fiasco and memory management Mar 24nd 2013
Assignments 6 Petri Nets April 21st 2013
Assignments 7 Testing April 21st 2013

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