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Programming Embedded Systems 2015 (1DT056)

Welcome to this course! On this page you can find general information.


Kai Lampka, email, room 1218, phone 471 2971



  • see Studenten Portalen for extra material, e.g., slides, manuals, etc.
  • Using the FreeRTOS. ARM Cotex-M3 Edition. Richard Barry.
  • Writing Linux Device Drivers, Jerry Cooperstein
  • See reading advice and slides of the lectures.

Course start

  • In week 4 we start with an introduction to the course and 2 lectures on C-programming (tutorial style). Feel free to bring your Notebooks.
  • Lecturing with respect to the technical topics handled in the course starts in week 5 (Tuesday 27th January, 13:15-15:00, ITC 1212).


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Student portal page: Programming embedded systems, 10 hp

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