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Course aims

The course aims at creating an atmosphere where the participants experience the various aspects of
team work on a project.

During the course the participants carry out a project where they, working in a small group, analyse and solve a given problem. The work can include all or some of the following steps, required to perform numerical simulations:

  • mathematical modelling,
  • suitable discretization,
  • choice of a numerical solution technique,
  • implementation in some computing environment,
  • interpretation of the obtained numerical results,
  • presentation of the outcome and placing that in a suitable prospective.

The projects originate from industry or academia and consider different application areas.
Simultaneously, the participants get trained in several presentation techniques, which are relevant to the requirements for the course: oral presentation in front of an audience, preparing scientific posters and web-presentations, where popular science presentations are included as well.

To finish successfully the course

Each participant should go through the following stages and should be able to

  • describe the whole process when solving a real-life or large scale research problem
  • motivate the choice and evaluate the performance of various solution approaches
  • evaluate the quality of the computed result and relate it to the state of art in the applied area, related to the project
  • communicate with professionals with a different expertise than her/his own
  • work on a common project in a group and handle issues related to work distribution and planning, coordination
  • summarize and present orally the work done within the project and the so-obtained results at a seminar (in Swedish or English)
  • summarize and present the project setting and your results in a written form:
    • in the form of a scientific report as well as
    • for a broad audience (as popular science) in the form of a poster and short report on the web.

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