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Simulation of zonal flow on Jupiter

The atmosphere on the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn is dominated by
eastward or westward zonal flows that give the planets their banded appearance.
The flow is forced by a heat flux from the interior of the planets that
cause convection. So far, no self-consistent simulations of this convection
and the zonal flow have been done. Our hypothesis is that the convection
must involve condensation of water vapor, which releases latent heat, to give
rise to a zonal flow.

In this project, the parallelized atmospheric model PUMA will be adapted to
the conditions on Jupiter, and a simple parameterization of latent heat
release will be introduced into the code. Simulations will then be done to
test the hypothesis described above.

Uppdaterad  2010-02-19 11:58:04 av Maya Neytcheva.