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Department of Information Technology

Embedded Control Systems 2013

Course Code: 1RT911 and 1RT915

Welcome to the Embedded Control Systems course!
Always check NEWS first.

Teachers and supervisors

Who What
Alexander Medvedev General responsibility, Control and modeling
Karl Marklund Hardware
Olov Rosén Control and modeling
 Amir Motevakel Software

Project groups

All project assignments are carried out in groups. The number of students in a project group depends on the complexity of the project assignment and usually ranges between three and six.

Project leader

Each project group elects a project leader who is in charge of project planning and execution. The project leader also maintains a fair distribution of the work load in the project group.

Weekly meeting

A weekly meeting is held each week. The weekly meetings are scheduled in advance and each project group has to be represented by at least one group member.

Weekly report

Once a week each project group will present the progress of the project in a weekly meeting and discuss it with the course instructors and other groups. A short document describing the latest developments should also be produced and send to Olov at least a couple of hours before the weekly meeting.


There is no specific book to be used for the course. Since it is project based, knowledge from many areas will be needed. Literature in programming, control design and image processing will be useful.


Examination consists of three parts:

  • A written report in English
  • An oral presentation of the project results
  • A live demonstration of the produced solution

It is a good idea to back up the latter part with a pre-recorded video, just in case of a technical mishap.

The written report should include a short section named "Programming issues and recommendations" (or similar). After reading this section the reader should have the answers to the following questions.

  • Which programming languages were considered?
  • Why was one programming language chosen over the others?
  • Which development environments were considered (IDEs/Editors)?
  • Why was one development environment chosen over others?

This section should also include the following.

Elaborate on a few tricky programming issues you struggled with and how these where resolved.

Reflection - In retrospect, would you choose the same programming language and development environment if you were to take on a similar project - motivate.

Any additional recommendations regarding programming languages, programming and development tools for next years students.


More information, see below.

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