Assignment 3

Software Engineering Spring 2006


This assignment is essentially the same as assignment 2, but now for the full ray tracer.

Part A - test specification

Based on your own requirements document, you must prepare test cases. For each test case, you must give
Make sure that all requirements are tested, including those that have been tested on the simple ray tracer (so-called regression test).
Plan ahead for running a serious number of tests in an efficient way.


The Methods of Programming course students are now working on their assignment 3 - the full ray tracer. You have to agree with them on internal deadlines (8th of may) that allow you and them to make the external (i.e. the teachers') deadlines. Specifically, you have to agree on dates

Part B - test report

Run the test cases that you planned to run according to part A (after comments of Anders Hessel) and document the results in an appropriate way (e.g. an overview table with test run identifier, pass/fail, comment and then the individual test runs).

Part C - code review 

  1. Preparation: before the inspection you need:
  2. Overview meeting: the programmers present their code.
  3. Individual preparation: the SE students go through the code, identify potential errors and problems, and write them down on the protocol form.
  4. Inspection meeting: (for roles see Sommerville Figure 22.5 (6th ed.: 19.5) - the MP students can alternate between the roles of author and reader, the SE students between inspector and moderator/scribe). At this meeting, the protocol is updated: is there an error? severity?
The code review, together with the code that it refers to, is handed in to the assistants of the Methods of Programming course.