Software Engineering, Exam, April 17, 2007.

Duration 09:00-14:00.

  1. In this course, we have used the V-model. Accenture and Prevas also use models close to the V-model. What are the advantages of the V-model, compared to other software engineering process models? ..... (4 points, 1.5 page)

  2. If a change is made to a requirements specification, then what about this change should be traceable, and why? (4 points, 1 page)

  3. Sometimes the safety of a system requires its availability. Sometimes safety and availability are conflicting requirements.
    1. Give an example of each case.
      (2 points, 1 page)
    2. Point out the crucial difference between the two cases.
      (2 points, 2 lines)

  4. Describe the reliability metrics Probability of Failure on Demand (POFOD) and Rate of OCcurrence Of Failure (ROCOF). Give a concrete example that shows how they are used for different purposes.
    (4 points, 1 page)

  5. Overall software design:
    1. What are the steps of designing a software system? (5 points, 1.5 page)
    2. Why is there no hard border between requirements specification and design?
      (2 points, 0.5 page)
    3. How is the design process altered if many reusable components are available?
      (3 points, 1 page)
    4. Turn!

  6. A logical three-tier architecture is to be implemented. Give an example where it would be a reasonable choice to implement it by a client-server architecture with a fat client. Motivate why a fat client would be reasonable in this case. (4 points, 1.5 pages)

  7. a) What conditions should be satisfied before an effective and meaningful code inspection?
    b) Explain at least 4 roles in the code inspection process.
    (4 points, 1.5 page)

  8. Describe (at least) five different test methods. For each method, mention
    (10 points, 4 pages)

  9. You receive a change request for software that you maintain. Explain the process of handling and implementing the request. You can assume that you can use the normal procedure, i.e., no emergency action is necessary. ..... (4 points, 1.5 page)

  10. Describe three different methods to estimate the cost of a project. What input does each method need (i.e., what information do you need in order to apply each method)? (4 points, 1.5 page)

  11. Summarized from a Dutch newspaper (Friday, April 13):

    Delayed trains caused by computer problems can be expected for one more year, according ProRail, the authority responsible for railway infrastructure. This transpired during a hearing in Parliament on Thursday. ProRail is currently modernising its computer system; in 2008 all systems will be duplicated, which will reduce the probability of problems drastically.

    Members of parliament pleaded to speed up the work, to avoid problems sooner. According to ProRail, this is not possible. Member of parliament S. said "it is our common task to solve these problems as soon as possible. If necessary, more money or manpower must be dedicated to ProRail."


    1. What would be the two main reasons why speeding up the work is not possible? Elaborate: write a paragraph to support each reason. (4 points, 1 page)
    2. Assume that it is the hardware of the system that is duplicated. Which problems become much less likely, which ones not? (4 points, 1 page)