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Department of Information Technology

Real Time Programming

1TT842 and 1DT643


  • First lecture: October 30 at 15.15 in Häggsalen



The aim of the course is to introduce students to a special class of time-sensitive computer systems commonly referred to as real-time systems. These systems are often embedded in a larger system, and are imposed time-constraints (or deadlines) which have to be met.


The course covers topics such as time handling, fault tolerance, language support, real-time operating systems, allocation and scheduling for real-time systems (especially rate monotone scheduling).

Assignments and Laborations

There are 2 instances of the course. The students who are taking the instance 1TT842 are required to do the schedulability assignment while students who are taking the master version 1DT643 must do the schedulability assignment plus the uppaal lab.

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