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Department of Information Technology

Real Time systems Period 2 2008

Course Information

To pass the course you are required to accomplish the following tasks

  1. Pass the exam
  2. Do the FPS Calc assignment This can be done in groups of at most 2.
  3. Do the Lego Lab. Note that the master students have a slightly longer version of the lego lab. This is done in groups of 3.
  4. Give a short presentation on a paper in week 50. This is done individually. On the Slides webpage you can find a link to a list of papers. Before the presentation date you must agree with me a paper. The presentation should be about 10 minutes. It should be aimed at somebody like yourself who has taken the course. At present there is only one presentation day booked. I will book another day for the masters students. Non-master students can give their presentation in English or Swedish.

On the above page there are a number of deadlines. The deadlines are strict. Especially the deadline for the lego lab since you will have to hand back the lego boxes at the end of this period. Anything handed in after the deadlines will not be marked until early August.

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