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Running BrickOS/LegOS at Home

BrickOS on Windows

When running BrickOS/LegOS at home in your Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2K/Something environment you need to install a cygwin shell and a Hitachi-H8 cross compiler (i.e., a compiler that can generate code for another processor).

You can use the same pre-packaged used in the lab-computers. Then you need to:

  • Download the package (56 MB). Unpack it into the root of C:. This will unpack a cygwin installation into the directory C:\cygwin-legos. It is important to unpack exactly to this place, otherwise the paths will not work.
  • Download the registry patch cygwin.reg. This file contains data that cygwin needs to find its paths. Either run it directly when it is fetched or double-click on it afterwards, this will add the needed keys to the registry.
  • Copy (or rename) the directory legos-0.2.6 to legos.
  • Run Cygwin (double-click on cygwin.bat in the cygwin-legos directory).
  • Go to the legos directory and type:
make realclean
make depend
cd util
make strip
Hopefully everything should be compiled without any problems.

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