Department of Information Technology

Assignment Results

Final deadline: all assignments (resubmissions) handed in before 31.01.2009 will be corrected fast.
Assignments handed in later will be eventually corrected, but there is no time guarantee.

Here are the results of the assignments. Each student is identified by his/her birth date (in format YYMMDD). Letter 'G' means that you have passed the assignment. Letter 'K' means that you need to fix some problems in your solution - come to Simon's office (K? means that the problem is not very big and will be probably solved just by a discussion). An empty field means that you have not handed in any solution at all. Your goal is to have 'G' in all fields, otherwise you cannot pass the whole course.

If you find a mistake in the table (empty field, but you have handed in something, ...), please, come to Simon's office with some evidence of your claim - a solution which has been graded, ...

The last column tells whether you have returned your Lego box ('Y' = yes, 'N' = no). It is a necessary condition for getting the points for the labs to have 'Y' in this field. A number in the column "Lego Robots" represents the time your robot took for one lap.

Birth Date Lego Robots FpsCalc Returned Lego Box Mark Reported
630719 U
761224 G/35,2 G y G
770809 U
770903 G/21,4 G y G
811107 G G y G
820211 G G y G
820325 G G y G
820929 G G y
821005 G/44,6 G y G
830101 G/44,6 G y G
830523 G G y G
831229 G G y G
840217 K U
840315 G G y G
840321 G G y
840421 G G y G
840514 G G y
840611 G G y U - Student did not give a presentation.
840625 G/35,2 y
840626 G/2:11,2 G y G
840813 G/35,2 G y G
841114 G G y G
841115 G G y G
841116 G G y U - Student did not give a presentation.
841212 UNREG K
850102 U
850108 G G y G
850223 G G y G
850529 M.T. G G y G
850529 UNREG G y
850530 G/44,6 K y U - student did not give a presentation
850607 G G y
850609 G G y G
850712 G G y G
850826 G G y G
850923 G G y G
851119 G G y
860506 G/21,4 G y
860824 G G y G
860925 G G y G
861209 G/1:15 G y G
870205 G/1:15 G y G
870508 G/2:11,2 y
870726 G/2:11,2 y
870801 G/21,4 K y
871015 G/1:15 G y G

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