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Department of Information Technology

Automatic Control II/Reglerteknik II 5hp (1RT495)

Autumn 2012

This is the course homepage for the course Automatic Control II/Reglerteknik II 5hp, given for ES5, F4Sy, F5E, STS4, W4 and the master program in Embedded Systems. Here you will find most of the information needed as well as course material for downloading. This course homepage will be updated continuously during the course.
Important! Complementary course material and information will be found at the Student portal (requires course registration for access) --- check there too!

Teachers Course material (web) About the course Old exams Course evaluation(closed)


Information will be posted here continuously. The messages are presented in reverse order, so the most recent post is always on top.

  • 121026 Today's exam is now available as pdf under 'Old exams' above.
  • 121026 It is now possible to fill in the course evaluation - follow the link above!
  • 121023 For the final exam, the allowed aims (tillåtna hjälpmedel) are: Textbooks in automatic control (such as `Reglerteori - flervariabla och olinjära metoder', `Reglerteknik - Grundläggande teori', and others), mathematical handbooks, collection of formulas (formelsamlingar), textbooks in mathematics, calculators, copy of OH-slides for the course. Handwritten comments in the textbooks are not forbidden. I have been hesitating about the OH slides. I do not think they bring more information than the course textbook. For those who have used copies of the slides in their studies of the course, it may be convenient to have access to the slides. For those who have used the textbook as the main source, I think that is at least as useful. The following is not allowed: Old exams, Exempelsamling med lösningar (Exercises Control Theory). Good luck at the exam. /Torsten
  • 121003 For Homework assignment 2, problem 2: You should regard the noise intensities R_1 and R_2, needed when determining the Kalman filter, as design parameters.
  • 120918 There has been some confusion about the date for the final exam. The correct date is Friday October 26, 14-19. Those who already have registrated for the exam, using Studentportalen, for October 25, will be automatically 'transferred' to the new date. For such cases, you do not need to take any new action. All who registrate will in due time get an email with more information, including the personal code to be used at the exam.
  • 120917 It is now possible to registrate for the laboratories. Registration must be done before the labs.
  • 120906 The janitor's office has opening hours 10-12.
  • 120906 The final exam will be of traditional type - no separate A and B parts.

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