Department of Information Technology

Automatic Control III/Reglerteknik III 5hp (1RT496)

Autumn 2012

This is the course homepage for the course Automatic Control III/Reglerteknik III 5hp, given for F4Sy. Here you will find most of the information needed as well as course material for downloading. This course homepage will be updated continuously during the course.
Important! Complementary course material and information will be found at the Student portal (requires course registration for access) --- check there too!

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Information will be posted here continuously. The messages are presented in reverse order, so the most recent post is always on top.

  • Jan 12: HW2 is now corrected and you will find your reports in the hand-out box. Supplement your report according to my written comments, and then hand it in via the Student portal.new01.gif
  • Dec 18: The oral examination today and tomorrow takes place at Hans office, room P2212.
  • Dec 17: It is now possible to fill in the course evaluation - follow the link above.
  • Dec 17: Today's written exam, including solutions, is found as pdf under 'Old exams' above.
  • Dec 2: It is now possible to register for a time for the oral exams that take place on December 18 and 19. You register via the Student portal.
  • Dec 2: There is a new file area at the Student portal where to submit your solution for HW2 (deadline on January 8 2013).
  • Dec 2: The written exam takes place at the exam hall at Polacksbacken on December 17 at 8.00-13.00.
  • Nov 22: HW1.1 is now corrected. Printed and commented copies of your reports/solution can be found in the return box (in the corridor of the 2nd floor, house 2 at Polacksbacken).
  • Nov 2: Homework assignment 1 (HW1) is to be solved in groups of up to 4 students. Form a group and sign up at the Student portal.
  • The course starts on Monday October 29, at 13.15 in Å80115.

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