Department of Information Technology

Automatic Control III (1RT496) 5hp

Autumn 2013 - period 2


This course will provide the theoretical tools for understanding the properties of multivariable and / or nonlinear control systems subjected to disturbances. It also aims to teach some of the most commonly used controller design methods.


Systems with multiple inputs and outputs. Properties and methods of analysis.
The basic limitations of achievable performance.
Controller design. Systematic methods. Sensitivity and robustness of controllers.
Nonlinear systems. Analysis and controllers.

Course Structure


  1. Lecturer and examiner: Thomas Schön
  2. Problem solving sessions and computer labs: Andreas Svensson

Course literature

  • Textbook: Torkel Glad and Lennart Ljung, Reglerteori: Flervariabla och olinjära metoder, andra upplagan, Studentlitteratur 2003. There is also an English version available: Torkel Glad, Lennart Ljung, Control theory, Taylor and Francis, 2000. Reading instructions are available here.
  • Exercise manual: Exercises Control Theory 2012. Available as pdf via Studentportalen (link, log-in required) and a printed version can be bought at the reception of the IT department (house 4, 2nd floor, Polacksbacken).
  • Homework: Click here.
  • Computer labs: Click here.
  • English/Swedish control vocabulary

Recommended side reading

There are many books available on the topic of this course, but besides Glad and Ljung the following book by Åström and Murray is highly recommended.

  • Åström, K. J. and Murray, R. M. Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers, 2008, Princeton University press. The book is freely available here.

Some other relevant material (in Swedish)

  • Lite linjär algebra pdf,
  • Tillståndsåterkoppling pdf,
  • Störningar som stokastiska processer pdf,
  • Matlab Control system toolbox och LTI-objekt pdf,

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