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Department of Information Technology

Hand-in assignments

See also the general instructions for hand-in assignments, and the (password-protected) group list.

  • Assignment 1: Get yourself a key for secure email.
    Solved individually (there are no groups yet), but you are allowed to ask for and receive help from others, for this assignment.
    Deadline: Monday, September 12, 10:15 local time. But please try doing it sooner!
  • Assignment 2: Deadline: Friday, September 23, 8:15 local time [updated]
    Solved in groups. (Those groups which have notified me they are broken will be fixed later today, and people without groups will have groups then.)
    • Comments on the questions and answers.
  • Assignment 3: Deadline: Monday, October 3, 10:15 local time.
    Solved in groups.
  • Assignment 4: Deadline: Monday, October 17, 10:15 local time (but PLEASE try to do it earlier!)
  • Essay/PM and oral presentation:
    Deadlines: decide a subject no later than Oct 10, handin: to be decided. See suggested topics list and add your own ideas, and the ones I mentioned but forgot.

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