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Department of Information Technology


News, in reverse chronological order:


Results now include the PM/presentation. Very good results, but please don't forget to hand in signed essays (including the assurance).


Results now include assignment 4.


Programme updated.


A preliminary programme for presentations is now available. Please check that the information (groups and topics) is correct. Email Björn if anything is incorrect, or if you have suggestions for improvements!


Minor clarification of question 1 on assignment 4.


  • Deadline for essay handins: Tuesday October 18, in order to give you feedback before the presentation. The earlier the better!
  • Please download and fill in a course evaluation form, if you haven't already done so.
  • Assignment 4 now has all questions.
  • The topics page has been updated. Please check that the information is correct.


Assignment 4 is now available.


The results after assignment 3 are now available.


Assignment 4 will possibly not be available until Saturday - I'm giving priority to correcting assignment 3.


  • Deadline for deciding a topic for the essay/PM: October 10 (Monday)
  • The assignment 2 handins can be collected from Magnus Johansson (see here for details).


  • The results after assignment 2 are now available, and also comments on the questions and answers.
  • Expanded instructions for the essay/PM are now available.
  • Assignment 4 will be available on Friday (Oct 7), with a deadline Monday Oct 17 (10:15). It will be slightly bigger than the previous ones.


A summary of the mid-course evaluation is now available.


  • An identity assertion session will happen on Friday, Sep 30, at 12:00. Be prepared.
  • The results from assignment 2 have been delayed due to overload, but should appear Friday afternoon or Saturday. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Assignment 3 is now available.


  • The deadline for assignment 2 has been postponed until Friday, because of the shortage of books.
  • Bookstores will have books on Monday/Tuesday, and older students sell used copies. See more info here.


Some groups have been re-reformed. I hope I didn't make any new mistakes.


  • Assignment 2 is now available, as are today's lecture notes.
  • New groups have been formed for those who have notified me. I hope these work better. Any further complaints - send them to me, please!



  • A group list is now available. Since it contains your email addresses, it is password protected. If this turns out to be a problem, I can (if you allow) lift the protection to allow access from the department network without login. This should prevent email address harvesters while allowing those few without an UpUnet-S identity access.
  • Please make sure you read email sent to your student accounts ( It should be possible to arrange forwarding of this email to some other address if you prefer.
  • International students: Please make sure you get an UpUnet-S account if you don't already have one, and inform me of your address.


A discussion forum has been created. This functionality is a bit experimental, so your feedback is appreciated.


  • Today's lecture notes (which contain a bit more than what I talked about) are now available here.
  • The first assignment (deadline Monday, Sep 12) is available here. Please read the instructions carefully, and ask if you have problems.


  • Important: the lecture on Monday, Sep 5, at 15.15 is cancelled.
  • Web pages updated (FAQ, Litterature, Links, ...)


  • Lecture notes (for the first two lectures so far) can be found here.
  • On the workshop day (old exam date), room MIC 1111 has been booked.
  • Rumours say the course book will be available at Akademibokhandeln on Monday (Sep 5).

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