Department of Information Technology

Home exam

The home exam will look like the previous regular exams with the same types of questions. It will be available in the student portal at the start of the exam as a hand-in assignment for the course.

When the exam ends, you are given an extra 30 minutes to scan your solutions and prepare a PDF to submit in the student portal.
Note that the assignment will close automatically 30 minutes after the exam ends.
The extra time is for you to scan your solutions, not to work on the exam.
Late submissions via email will not be accepted.

Allowed aiding materials are mathematical handbooks, a calculator and the course book.

You are of course not allowed to collaborate with others.

To scan your solutions, you can try the following apps for mobile phones:

Make sure you know how to scan and get a PDF before the exam starts.


There will be a formula sheet attached to the exam (tentative 2019 version).

You are allowed to bring one hand-written sheet of paper (A4, front and back) with any formulas or notes of your choice. You may also bring mathematical handbooks, but not machine learning books or lecture notes. You may bring a calculator.

Old exams

Note that the course has changed slightly over the years.

Changes since 2018: The notation has been simplified, and we do not use uppercase for random variables, i.e., we do not write X=x anymore. We do not use the notation q(x) = p(y=1|x) either. Also the terminology for the bias-variance trade-off has been slighlty updated. The exams from 2018 use, however, this notation. The current notation is defined by the lecture notes, but if you would use the "old" notation on your exam, you would of course still be able to score all points.

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