Mini-Project for Verification Techniques VT 10


The mini-project can be choosen to be something connected to the course which takes 2-3 weeks to do. A possible suggestion for mini-project is to take an interesting concurrent algorithm or piece of software which you model and analyze using SPIN. Here are some suggestions with links to papers: Please go about doing the project as follows:
  1. Decide on a project, and read the material.
  2. Book a meeting with Jonathan, and explain to him what the algorithms is about and what you will do. (do this in week 8)
  3. Work on your project
  4. Book a meeting with Jonathan when you are halfway, to discuss progress during week 9-10
  5. finish your project by handing in a report (a couple of pages). The deadline is March 26.
At the end, we will book a 2-hr slot where we show our projects to each other (and maybe to others).